First uni thoughts

Long time no see. It's been a really really long time since I last sat down to write something. Since uni has started my life has gone mental. My schedule is literally full. I barely have time to eat now, and that's a good thing - maybe I can shed some pounds haha.

Uni is something else. It's completely different from everything I've done before. As I probably said before, I decided to study journalism. It opens up a world in which I would love to work all my life. TV Production.



When you say you've had enough
And you might just give it up
Oh, oh
I will never let you down
When you're feeling alone in love
I'll be what you dreaming of
Oh, oh
I will never let you down

Don't forget to smile today :)



Never lose faith

As you may know I have a slightly obsession at the moment with Portuguese music. I was really into the World Cup at it’s end and I was rooting for Brazil, so I researched quite a lot about them. That’s what got me into Portuguese music.

I love Latin languages, especially Spanish because it has a very nice sound to it and I feel like everything you say in this language is more meaningful. I don’t really know why, I’m weird like that. Luckily Portuguese it’s pretty similar.

While I was listening to Luan Santana on YouTube, I noticed another singer at the related section and I clicked on the video and I was really surprised to find a very emotional video. Apart from the very beautiful song with lovely lyrics, the video has a very strong message. Breast Cancer cures!!

Here is that video:




This week’s Musical Monday was inspired by Neymar. I saw a video of him singing this song and I really liked the melody so I searched it up and fall in love. Later I found myself searching for a live performance of Luan Santana and I found the song I chose for this blog post. Here is the video of Neymar that I was talking about.

I know Spanish, and Portuguese is similar so I understood most of it but I still googled it, just to make sure haha. Here it’s the translated version if you wanna have a look.

I love this live performance, his voice is amazing and I think he’s pretty handsome as well haha.

             Don’t forget to smile today :)



Always #LikeAGirl Campaign

             Always has kicked off “an epic battle to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.

Puberty is already a big deal to go through so having somebody to tell you (in a disrespectful way) that you are acting #LikeAGirl it can bring you down so much that you will barely see that little light at the end of the tunnel.

When I came across this video that Lauren Greenfield directed in partnership with Always I had a flashback of my teenage years.

I have gone through puberty and I know what it’s like. It was one of the darkest periods of my life. A lot of emotions came crushing down on me. There was a lot happening in my life at the time and I remember that every thing no matter how small or insignificant, mattered a lot. Unfortunately that drowned me into depression. It took me about two years to overcome my fear of everything, really. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I didn’t want to go out, not even out of my room. I hated everything, I hated everything that I was doing and soon I started to hate myself. And all that because I wasn’t fitting in. I felt like everybody else was better than me and that there was nothing I could do. What I didn’t know at that point is that my friends were probably going through the same things but coping better with them. On the outside I was always happy, always smiling but there was a dark storm inside me every single day, every single hour.

Fortunately I was never bullied during these two years, but to be honest even the smallest joke my friends were making about me felt like a bully.

Probably one of my advice for teenage girls and boys, because boys go through puberty as well and it’s not an easy thing for them either, is to be Yourself and forget about stereotypes. Don’t try to fit in a category. Embrace yourself and don’t be afraid to be and to think different.

Don’t use #LikeAGirl in a negative way. Being a girl is not a bad thing!

This video has a great message and I am so happy that somebody is bringing up this subject. I love what Lauren said about this campaign: “ I am excited to be a part of the movement to redefine 'like a girl' into a positive affirmation.”

I really hope that this ad will boost teenager girls’ self-confidence all around the world so they can act trustfully #LikeAGirl.

              Don’t forget to smile today :)




I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist
Like it doesn't exist
I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier”

      Don’t forget to smile today :)



Transparent images on Blogger - Tutorial

I decided to post a tutorial on how to make your transparent images show up as transparent on Blogger.
I encountered this issue a few days ago and I searched all day long on Google how to solve it and I could’t find anything. Nothing that I found worked for me so after hours of trying out different solutions I thought I would try this last one and it worked!! I was so happy with myself haha.
It’s not a big deal nor complicated but since I didn’t find this solution online I thought I would post a little tutorial.
1. First thing you wanna do is Log in to your Blogger account (obviously haha – but I saw this first step on every tutorial haha) and make sure your picture is .PNG
2.  Click on Template  from your sidebar     

3.   Click on Customize

4.   Click on Advanced --> Images
5.  Open the Background Color  menu and choose Transparent

6.  Don’t forget to click on Apply to Blog

That's it. It's really simple. I hope this helped and that it works for you.

            Don’t forget to smile today :)


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